Friday, September 4, 2009


***PLEASE READ*** I'm very sorry to say this but I will be retiring Club Penguin FOR NOW because of school. I will probably be back during the next summer, maybe. I'm sorry to say farewell, right smack down in the middle of the Fair festival. But I'm sorry to say that I start school this Tuesday. I'll see you all maybe next summer. Sorry! Farewell! FOR NOW! *UPDATED*


I am having a little costume contest! Make your funniest, wackiest, costume on Club Penguin you can make and send it in by commenting it in! All you do is take a pic of your penguin and put it here! The prize is to meet me on Club Penguin and I will add you! I know it is not too much, but I cannot afford a coin code or membership at this time. You will have pretty much the whole schoolyear! I will come back to see all the costumes and pick! I hope you enter! THANK YOU!



Pinky46076 said...

I'll miss you so much. :(

Floppyj10; Sandstar said...

OMG Hey Funkyawesome! This is Floppyj10 from CP! You, Saraapril, and I were dancing next to the fire at the Cove yesterday and you added me. Cool blog! I'm just sad that you're leaving and I just found it :(


Funky said...

Floppyk10 and Pinky46076,
I am sorry that I am leaving. I just have school now on my hands and I won't be able to post much. And if I tried to do it together, I might lose fans cuz I did not post! But I will miss you guys. Peace out! I will be around soon! :) Waddle on!