Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gross People on Club Penguin :)

This is really gross. This penguin (I'm NOT naming names!) made a club on Club Penguin and it had cages! As in cage dancing! The penguin didn't mean to do it, and I believe her. It got really out of hand. There were a lot of girl penguins who only wore everything but a body part, and went in a cage, then said very inapropriate things. I DO NOT APPROVE OF THESE WORDS, BUT HERE ARE THE DREADED WORDS: "Show booms" "Gets down low" "Shows but" "Gets close" "Who needs a dance" "Gives money" (as in sick guys paying the girls to do these gross things) and more. It was the worst thing I laid eyes on in Club Penguin. It's really bad, and all of us could get banned for this. Here is pic I got of the iggy:

Please don't do this! It's very wrong, and I don't think Club Penguin will approve, either. Please don't do this so you won't get banned! I really hope I don't get banned because I didn't do any of these gross things. I really usually don't talk like this, but I just gotta let it out: Perverts. I'll never say it again. I just had to say it. Sorry :(

I also found this iggy again, and here it is:

Not as bad as the first one, but still little freaky....


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hockey09 said...

awww Thats sick! Who would do that! Hopefully they get banned for doing that cause thats just sick!