Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Penguins in the Spotlight :)

Hey Everyone! So I just decided that I'm gonna start a little bit I like to call: Penguins in the Spotlight!!! So what I do is go in a random server, and click a random penguin, and show their playercard on my blog. So you just maybe lucky to get on my blog!! So here is my first Penguin in the Spotlight: Al Pizza Gal!!!!!! Congratz for being on Penguins in the Spotlight!

I'm hunting for more penguins to be on Penguins in the Spotlight, so keep your eyes open....


(P.S You don't have to be in Penguins in the Spotlight to be on my blog. You can just schedule us meeting each other on CP and I could post you and your playercard on my blog!! All you have to do is comment on my latest Penguins in the Spotlight!!)

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