Friday, July 17, 2009

Music Jam Party!! :)

Wow, already a new post! Here it is:
Hello Penguins!Today's the day a lot of you have been waiting for!! Music Jam's finally here and we hope you're having fun exploring the island. Be sure to check out the underground areas, and try playing your instruments at the Lighthouse! Members can even pick up an All-Access Pass in the shop by the Snow Forts. (It'll get you into places where you might just run into some of your favorite music-making penguins...)
In Other News: We know you'll be busy discovering the new stuff for the party, but don't forget to head to your igloo to see the new furniture catalog. There are a bunch of music-themed items to get you geared up to make some noise. Let us know how all your performances go! Until then...Waddle on!
Awesome! Music Jam rules!

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