Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Made a Writing Contest Entry! :)

Today I have a made a Contest Entry for the new writing contest! Want to read it? Here it is!
The day we turned blue… and sunk the Iceberg! By Funkyawsome It was a normal day at the Iceberg. My friends and I were trying to tip the Iceberg. We’ve been trying to do this since last month. “When will it finally tip? We have been at this for a month!” said one of my friends. “We’re to have to keep trying. Maybe it will happen today!” I said hopefully. Soon it was nightfall. My friends and I were beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen. I wish the Iceberg would tip. I wished in my mind. That would we wonderful. Just at that time, a shooting star fell over upon us. We didn’t see it, because we were all fast asleep on the Iceberg. The next day, when my friends and I woke up, we felt different. I wonder what is feeling funny. I thought. I feel water. When I looked around, I saw that the Iceberg is sinking! “THE ICEBERG IS TIPPING!” I screamed. My friends woke up to my scream, and they were startled. “How did this happen? After all this time, how come it just happened?” wondered one of my friends. I thought a moment. Then I realized it! “I think when I wished in my mind, a shooting star came and it granted my wish!” The Iceberg kept sinking and sinking, until it was far underwater. My friends and I swam across the ocean for 2 hours looking for Club Penguin. When we finally got to Club Penguin, we told all our other friends. They were amazed! After a week since we tipped the Iceberg, Aunt Arctic, the famous column writer for “Ask Aunt Arctic”, came to my igloo while my friends and I were playing video games. “Hello,” she said. “I am Aunt Arctic. I’ve heard all around the island you have tipped the Iceberg.” “Yes, it is true,” I said proudly. “But I couldn’t have done it without my friends.” “Of course, everyone needs a helping hand. I have been thinking all these years if anyone would be able to tip the Iceberg. You and your friends have finally done it. So, in thanks, I am giving each of you 200 coins.” Aunt Arctic held up 4 big bags of coins. “Thank you so much, Aunt Arctic!” we all said. “No problem!” she said, and then left. We all looked at our bags of coins, and then patted each other on our backs. “I guess we did good.” One of my friends said. “Yeah,” I said. “I guess we did.” We all smiled and went back to playing video games. The End! EPILOGUE All four friends became very famous for tipping the Iceberg, and they had made history. They’ve been on TV, newspapers, the internet, and even toys! They’ve done a lot of interviews on how they tipped it. They said they kept trying, and that one little wish could change everything. Everyone was very proud of them. They were heroes!
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