Thursday, August 13, 2009

Club Penguin Membership Question :)

I have a question about Membership. I see like there are like these flaps on the membership badge:

What do they mean? Thanks!



Pinky46076 said...

In January, Club Penguin wanted to verify members. Like, as if say you were a new penguin and you saw everyone with clothes. Who was a member? Exactly! You have 5 member levels. Here's what they are:

LEVEL 1: You have under 12 months of membership. You only have the badge, no stripes.

LEVEL 2: You have the member badge and a blue stripe.

LEVEL 3: You have a member badge. You also have an orange stripe and a blue stripe.

LEVEL 4: Funky, you are level 4. You have a member badge, white stripe, orange, then blue. =)

LEVEL 5: Final level! You have a badge, white stripe, orange, blue and then a pretty star!

iPodFreak456x said...

Ok so how do you get the final level?