Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun Fair Coming to Club Penguin! :)

Today I was just reading the new newspaper and saw that there will be a fun fair coming this September! I was excited! So I read the article quickly,

The fair is coming to Club Penguin! This yearly celebration sees special games and prizes all over the island. This will be the third fair the island has seen, and expectations are rising. We interviewed penguins in Town who remembered last year's celebration to find out what we can look forward to! "We had fun playing games and winning tickets which we swapped for prizes," one penguin explained. "There were games when we fed puffles, bounced them on paddles and help them pop balloons! We played in ball pools and in carousels, and wore clown suits and feathered tiaras!" "I ate so much popcorn I thought I was going to explode!" another recalled fondly. Get ready to play games, earn tickets and much. much more. Join in the fun at the Fair at September 4-13!

That was AWESOME! I can't wait! I wonder what the prizes will be..


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