Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Decide! :)

Here's the poll for the Furniture items!!!
Hello Penguins!The team's always trying to make the things you want - and we've been doing some thinking about new furniture for your igloos. We're hoping you'll help us decide on a new furniture item for the September issue of Better Igloos! Click which piece of furniture you'd like to see most:
Dinosaur Statue

Green Beanbag Chair

Globe on Pedestal

Whenever there's a You Decide blog, we get tons of penguins who want to help choose, so it gets really busy. In the past, some of you have had to wait to leave comments. Until we can fix that, we're going to keep the comments off when we do these kinds of blogs. So you won't be able to leave a comment after you pick a furniture item - but they'll be back on tomorrow!!Don't forget that you'll see the Splatter shirt you chose last month in Friday's new Penguin Style catalog! Until then...Waddle on! I will vote for the Green Beanbag Chair. What about you? ~Funky

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Pinky46076 said...

Me too! I think the Green Beanbag chair is so cute! =)