Saturday, August 15, 2009

Festival of Flight Takes Off! :)

Hello Penguins!Today Club Penguin is in the sky!! The Festival of Flight party is finally here. Lots of you seem to be liking the new green propeller hat and checking out the view from the floor in the Night Club. Members can ride on a Hot Air Balloon and visit the Tallest Mountain where they'll find their own jetpack. The team thinks it's cool how a bunch of penguins are on the Iceberg throwing snowballs at the island above...Let us know what you think of the new view.In other news: The team's set it up so that now you can hear your instruments at the Lighthouse stage! We hope you and your band will have fun practicing there. Until then...Waddle on!
Yay!!!!!!!!! And guess what???? My friend Vanessa1049 is in the pic!!! Congratz! :]

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